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Large Data or Big Data

Despite being the huge buzzword it is these days, there is still a lot of confusion about what big data is. Common questions and misconceptions that I hear quite often include,

  • How large is big data? What is the limit between large data and big data?
  • I am using Mongodb, so does that mean I have big data?
  • Is big data the same as having a data warehouse? Will big data analytics replace data warehousing?
  • How do I know my problem is a big data problem?

Lets try to answer the above questions in simple terms. Continue reading

Agile / Lean: Process or Thought-Process

I finally did my first post on LinkedIn!

The gist of the post is based on my thinking that agile and lean, which having started as process manifestations of new thinking, over the years have kind of become a little rigid. Today in a world of agile zealots and the existance of constantly disrupting changes, I urge to start thinking in an agile mode, more so than just following a process.

Read the entire post here.

Building Client Trust With Software Development Cost Estimation

I recently did a guest post on Gate6‘s blog about the dilemma technology managers face when asked about estimating complex software development projects, in spite of explaining the benefits for running the project in an agile mode.

Over the last 10 years or so, the software development world has taken a strong inclination toward agile methodologies. And rightly so, as there are many advantages to running a software project in an agile mode, including:

  • As the stakeholders “see” and “touch” the growing product, sprint after sprint, the tendency to tweak the requirements by adding features increases. An agile process helps better adapt a development project to change, which is inevitable.

Click here to read the whole article.

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